Awsomology Podcast: Tech History with Rich

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Awsomology Podcast: Tech History with Rich

May 11, 2021
  • Information Technology

Think you know all there is to know about computers and tech? We’ll see about that. wink

Strap on your mental running shoes and join Ben, Sue, and Rich (our VP of IT) in a sprint through 200+ years of computer history with some trivia thrown in just for funsies.  

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Some links you might want to check out:  

This is the article that helped with our research. 

Rich mentions Krebs on Security and you can find the website here. 

Ben is ALL ABOUT the keyboard shortcuts so:  

Here’s some for PCs 

And here’s some for Macs 

From computer history to wrestling history (for some reason).. Here's more info on the Andre the Giant Biopic.