Exclamation Services Partners with Redstone Consulting Group

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Exclamation Services Partners with Redstone Consulting Group

June 16, 2020
  • Information Technology

Exclamation Services has partnered with RCG to provide small- and medium-sized credit unions access to the ACET Portal for as little as $2,000 per year for full functionality and unlimited users. Starting in 2019, all credit unions of more than $250M in assets are subject to examination using the NCUA’s expanded ACET-based cybersecurity exam. Redstone Consulting Group’s (RCG) ACET Collaboration Portal helps credit unions save time and effort when preparing for the exam by organizing tasks, enabling role-based collaboration, and providing secure document storage.

The ACET Collaboration Portal provides a cloud-based platform that consolidates work into one place, enforces a tailorable workflow, enables role-based access with individualized progress tracking, and secures the electronic storage of supporting documents via Virtual StrongBoxTM. The Portal also streamlines exam preparation with an intuitive, project-centered interface, so you know where you stand before the NCUA exam begins. The interface includes integrated progress dashboards for individuals and project owners, with historical tracking of decision process and prior year responses.

“The institutions with up to $500M in assets that Exclamation serves are particularly challenged by the evolving cybersecurity requirements. Due to their size they may not have dedicated staff in place to get ready for examinations,” said Exclamation Services CEO, Alan Bergstrom. “The portal organizes the process for our clients. Its built-in repository, guidance, workflow, and evidence linking capabilities makes exam prep much easier.  Cloud-based access and a dedicated role for outside assistance also makes it much easier for my team to help our clients prepare.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Exclamation Services to support their credit union clients as they take on the complex challenge of preparing for the new NCUA ACET cybersecurity exam,” said Steve Powers, President Redstone Consulting Group. “Partners like Exclamation help us to ensure that smaller institutions get the quality assistance they may need in adapting to the new examination guidelines.”

About Exclamation Services, LLC

Exclamation Services is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) is working to make expertise in HR, IT, Marketing, and Operations more accessible to Credit Unions, non-profits, and the business community. They serve their partners from their headquarters in the historic Thomas House building in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  For more information visit www.exclamationcuso.com.

About Redstone Consulting Group, LLC

The Redstone Consulting Group is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) wholly-owned by Redstone Federal Credit Union. With more than 400,000 members and over $5 billion in assets, RFCU recognizes that what it solves for itself also benefits other credit unions: “Solve for Redstone, Solve for Many” ™. RFCU launched RCG in May 2012. For more than seven years, RCG has provided software solutions to financial institutions across the country.  For more information visit www.redstoneconsultinggroup.org.

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