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We're an energetic group of IT folks. We believe the world runs on fresh ideas, curious minds create opportunities, and expectations should be exceeded.

We love what we do, and we can't wait to explore those fresh ideas and make you look great, together.

Richard Szabo

Richard Szabo - VP of IT

Richard Szabo has worked in the Information Technology departments for financial institutions for almost 20 years in various management roles. He is well versed about the special requirements and demands needed to run IT in such a regulated environment. Sharing his expertise and experience in this area is his true professional passion.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank - Systems Administrator

Thomas Frank is an IT professional with over 11 years’ experience with a background managing server applications and infrastructure for financial institutions. He has worked with the deployment of business systems including PC deployments, server cluster deployments, WAN/LAN networks, O365 and storage area network deployments to name a few. His pursuit of solutions that exceed client expectations is a personal driver for him.

Cody Ploor

Cody Ploor - Helpdesk Specialist

Cody Ploor has worked in the CU industry for the past four years and has recently joined Exclamation as a Helpdesk Specialist. His history with credit unions gives him a unique insight that is invaluable to our team. He is driven by learning the newest technology to save time and stress for his fellow employees. He truly strives to provide the best customer service that he possibly can.

Dustin Dix

Dustin Dix - Network & Systems Analyst

Dustin Dix, who happens to be the newest member of the Exclamation team, is an IT Professional with 3 years’ experience. He has a focus on IT WAN/LAN Network deployments, but strong and passionate background in Server Administration, and end user support. His personality and motivation keep everyone feeling assured each day.

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