4 Big Ideas HR Can Use NOW

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4 Big Ideas HR Can Use NOW

July 26, 2019
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If Human Resources is (at least) one of the hats you wear, chances are that you're always on the lookout for new ways to help the people that help your business, right? That's why we picked the brains of our expert HR Team to bring you the first installment of a series we're calling "Useful Ideas from Useful People".

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The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. 

Did you know that the cost to fill a vacant spot on your team can be anywhere from 50% to 200% that employee’s salary? Do you have that kind of payroll money to spare?

HR professionals should be talent-builders and employee-development-gurus instead of endlessly chasing employee turn-over. Ask us how we can help Build Greatness!

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Great things never came from comfort zones.

You already know that growing your business means making bold moves and assuming some risk, but are you (and your team) approaching personal development the same way?

What have you done – or do you plan to do now that we have you thinking about it – to break out of your comfort zone and light a fire under your career?

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If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money.  But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears.

Humans have an amazing capacity for learning and that means you can teach almost anyone to handle the most important tasks of a job and they’ll do just fine. Want something better than ‘just fine’?

Then learn to tell your business’ story and hire the people who respond to what you do with passion and drive. In other words, do what you love and hire people who love it too.

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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Hey, we see you. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, cleaning up yesterday’s work and not being able to look ahead, maybe because you can’t see over the stack of paperwork on your desk. We’ve all been there.

You know what would feel great AND do great things? If you take time every day to think about the future you and your team can create for yourselves and your community. The first step to an amazing, inclusive company culture is giving yourself the time to envision it.