Awsomology Podcast: Angela and Lisa on Rainbow Washing

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Awsomology Podcast: Angela and Lisa on Rainbow Washing

June 29, 2022
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Hey, call us cockeyed optimists, but we like to hope that, just like us, every company is doing their best and that our “bests” aren’t all the same. That’s why, when we started to see more allegations of corporate “Rainbow Washing,”  we knew we had to pull the metaphorical thread and learn more.

After consuming podcasts, articles, and think pieces (oh my), we decided to talk to more of our super-smart friends to help us fill in the blanks. In this episode, Ben and Sue are diving into the danger and disappointments of Rainbow Washing for the LGBTQIA+ community with the help of guests Angela Prestil (from CU Difference) and Lisa Koenecke (a Certified Diversity Equity Inclusion Speaker).

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Some recommendations you’ll want to check out:

The Human Rights Campaign (To find the Corporate Equality Index and the Municipal Equality Index and tons of other great resources)

The Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Get Lisa's book at your local bookstore (or from Amazon if you have to).

Support the Climb Africa project (especially Angela and Lisa and Katy Zaleski).

CU PRIDE (The LGBTQ Association for Credit Unions)

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