Is Video (Really) Right For You?

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Is Video (Really) Right For You?

July 15, 2020

Before we jump in here, we’re going to ask you to unlearn some things, ok?

Start with the idea that ‘EVERYBODY HAS TO DO VIDEO!!’ and set that aside. Next, kindly sweep ‘Any Video is Better than NO Video’ right there under the rug, ok? And, finally, pull out that old idea that you have to ‘Always Be Closing,’ ball it up, and toss it in the trash.

Don’t you feel better already?

As you can probably guess, this was our not-so-subtle way of telling you that there are a lot of myths surrounding video as a part of your marketing strategy, and we need to clear them away so you can focus on the truth – at least as we know it. There are a lot of smart, solid reasons to use video as a part of your Marketing mix, depending on your goals and strategies, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and that might be why 53% of the credit unions we surveyed aren't using video in their marketing mix. 

Yes, we know we should be trying to sell you on ALL KINDS of video. We make video, and we’d love to make YOUR video, but, honestly, we don’t want to see you try to shoehorn video into a place it doesn’t fit and then be disappointed by the results. We’re BIG fans of non-disappointment.

So, when do we think you should do video?

Just watch Matteo and Linda’s conversation (and see how many views it has), and you’ll start to understand that we’re not saying you have to re-write the Gettysburg Address to have enough content to get some views.

There is a caveat here, though, and it’s closely related to the phenomena of meetings-that-could-have-been-emails: don’t make a video that should have been a picture. Or a newspaper ad. Or really anything else.

Video makes sense when it’s the best way to communicate complex information (think tutorials and explainer videos), intense emotions (anywhere from humor to grief and everything in between), or the urgent need to get people to pay attention.

If you have something to say, and a video is the best way to say it, then let those cameras roll, friend.

Once you’ve decided that video is the best way to get your message out in the world, you should pivot pretty quickly to considering what you’re trying to accomplish with it. Our first chunk of wisdom would be NOT to assume your video will go viral overnight… or ever really.

Strategy is a big deal in Marketing, and understanding how you’ll incorporate video if you have it is an important consideration. While a great video can take you a long way, it usually won’t accomplish your goals all by itself.

Think about:

  • Where video fits in your overall marketing plan. – Will you be using live video to get immediate eyeballs on what’s happening, making a more polished and evergreen piece that you can share again and again, or something totally different?
  • How you’ll maximize its impact on other channels? – What complimentary content do you have, or can you develop to link back to your published video and give your work the attention it deserves?
  • What kind of results you’re looking for. – Again, we don’t want to talk you OUT of video, but it doesn’t automatically lead to conversions, you design it that way. The good news is that you can use video in different ways to meet a whole host of objectives.  
  • And what you’ll do if you don’t get them. – We’d be curious to know how many of our survey respondents – and how many businesses in general – have tried video in the past because someone said they ‘HAD TO!!’, felt like it failed, and then never tried again. If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, don’t stop there. Examine your strategy with as much skepticism as you can muster to decide if you missed something that might have made a world of difference.

If you have great content to share – no matter what it is – you want to get as many eyeballs on it as possible, right? Think carefully about where your video will live and maximize your investment of time, money, and talent.

Whether you’re planning to place it on your website, which works well for videos you want visitors to see again and again, share on social media, which is a popular spot for short, low-cost video, or have another idea, smart placement is vital. Refer back to your strategy to consider your audience and objectives before you post.

Videos that are hidden deep in the pages of our website with few referring links, or posted on-and-done on your social pages, may struggle to get the viewers and achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Good video doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get you the results you need, but you do have to look at it as an investment. Just like any other form of marketing, you should expect to get out of it what you’re willing to put into it.

If you don’t have a load of cash to drop on slick, professional production, but you do have a small group of smart, innovative people on your team, you can still use video to your advantage. Leverage the talent on your team from creative, to technical, to all the scene-stealing stars you can find. A smart investment of your organization’s time will ensure that scrappy team can make something you can all be proud of.


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