Care Enough to Send the Very Best (Emails)

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Care Enough to Send the Very Best (Emails)

May 05, 2020
  • Human Resources

Raise your hand if you have hastily cranked out an email and hit that send button only to realize, “Gosh, I probably shouldn’t have done that!” or shot off a quick response while trying to multi-task.

Is your hand up?  Yep. So is mine. 

Emailing is easy and convenient but, without face-to-face verbal tones and expressions, it’s super easy for emails to be misinterpreted. Our buttons get pushed, or we’re in such a hurry, that, away we go, making a real donkey out of ourselves with our insensitivity.  We must consider the impact we have on others when communicating through emails. The people we email – and message – deserve our full attention, right?  

Enter: Emotional Intelligence.

What does it mean to be ‘Emotionally Intelligent’? Good question! It’s the art of being able to identify and manage your emotions as well as the emotions of others. People with emotional intelligence don’t let their mood control their behaviors in a way that will negatively impact the people around them.

Part of practicing emotional intelligence when we’re communicating through email or chat is considering how others might react and understanding that not everyone will respond in the same way. This may mean taking extra care to tailor the message to the individual or realizing we may not know someone well enough to predict how they’ll react. Careful, considerate, and emotionally intelligent communication is important to maintain great relationships.  

Follow these Seven steps to sending emotionally intelligent emails. Your teammates will appreciate it!

Moral of the story:  Don’t be a donkey!  Don’t let your moods impact others negatively, whether you’re face-to-face or electronically communicating. It makes for a happier team and workplace!

Wow! Look at you, reading this article to the very end!  Thank you so much! Now get busy – crank out those emotionally intelligent emails!


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About the Author: As a Training and Development Specialist, Karen Pickles loves to help people be their best selves on and off the job. One of our newest Wisconsinites, she came here from the coast of North Carolina and brought along 17 years in the financial industry, three degrees, and a wealth of personal and professional experience that makes her a great resource if you want to train smart, save time, and develop your team.